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        Texas Instruments

        Name:Texas Instruments


        Brand Introduction
        TI (TI) is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world. We have always been committed to providing innovative semiconductor technology to help our customers develop the world's most advanced electronic products. Our simulation, embedded processing, and wireless technology go deep into every aspect of our lives, from digital communications to entertainment, to medical services, to automotive systems, and to a wide range of applications. At the beginning of TI development, the company's goal is to take advantage of the company's unique technical capabilities, fundamentally subvert the traditional market, creating a new market. Our development process has always followed a clear line, that is, the use of more advanced real-time signal processing technology to achieve quantitative change to qualitative change, and truly change the world.
        Product Series
        Microcontrollers, digital signal processing, power management, IC, clock counters, GPS chips, linear devices, audio devices, sensors, etc.
        Application Areas
        Consumer electronics, medical electronics, instrumentation, communications / network traffic / automobiles
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